Welcome to Palau Investment Bank

Our bank is a Local Commercial Bank registered under the Laws of the Republic of Palau that used to be known as Palau Construction Bank. After helping, serving, and growing with the community for the past decades, we are now embarking on a new beginning, with a new name of “Palau Investment Bank”. We want to build a brighter future for the Republic of Palau by expanding our products and services and to become a hub for investments for everyone who resides in Palau or elsewhere.

It's All About You!

We have been serving the community of the Republic of Palau for more than two decades through our reliable, swift and personal services. We want to continue to support and promote the development of the local economy and social progress through our products and services. We want you to know that our bank is a bank where people matter, “it’s all about you!”

Mission Statement

“To build a brighter future together.”
The world financial market is said to be facing once in a hundred years evolution based on a brand new concepts and technologies. As a local commercial bank licensed by the government, we also need to evolve so that we will be able to meet customers demand in timely basis. Therefore, we will never stop asking ourselves what our next step should be. But in a meanwhile, we never forget a value we must stick to and preserve which is to contribute local community and protect customer’s assets and interests “to build a brighter future together”.