Warning against Scams and Fraud for selling bank shares of PIB

Palau Investment Bank is warning the public about scams and fraud using the Bank's name or claiming to be a member of staff for the Bank or of its shareholder in attempts to fraudulently obtain money, property by making a proposal for selling bank shares of PIB.

In some of these scams, fraudsters solicit investments based on a bogus and baseless proposal using the Bank and its shareholder's name.

The Bank is not for sale and the bank's staff would never make such a proposal for selling the bank shares or soliciting investments.

Please note that the Bank is NOT connected in any way with these matters and activities.

If you receive any suspicious communications using the Bank's name or claiming to be a member of staff via phone, e-mail, in person, or by other means, please report this to the Bank or the nearest police station or your local law enforcement agency.


Term Deposit Special Offering Campaign

PIB is now offering special rates for term deposit only for limited period until the end of July. Please find more information of the campaign in the "Services" page.


PIB Online Banking Services

PIB is pleased to announce the official commencement of Online Banking Services from the 1st of April 2020 for its valued customers. Apps are available both at Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. For more information, please visit and explore "Online Banking" pages in the website.


Palau Investment Bank's COVID-19 Policy

Palau Investment Bank will remain open to serve your banking needs:

  • Usage of mask, alcohol, sanitizer or gloves at each teller station and the bank’s lobby.
  • Loan officer, who has full exposure to customer will be moved to a teller station, where there is a glass partition between the customer and a bank staff.
  • Sanitize bank’s premises daily.
  • Make sure there is always enough funds available for customer’s withdrawals
  • Maintain at least 3 ft distance for each customer coming to the bank.
  • Fully utilize existing service where most elderlies, handicapped, can stay in their car and a bank teller can go out to help with their transaction.
  • Employee must stay home if they are not feeling well.
  • Any employee / staff returning from abroad must stay home for at least 14 days before returning to work.
  • Shorter banking hours 9 – 2 pm ( when there is a declared positive corona virus in Palau)



PIB is preparing its online banking services to launch in the first quarter of 2020. The services will be provided to our valued local customers who wish PIB accounts to be more accessible and convenient while using their mobile devices and PC. Official announcement shall be made in due course after completion of the system.


PIB as SWIFT member

PIB has been officially approved to be a member of SWIFT, a global member-owned Cooperation and the world’s leading provider of secured financial messaging services. PIB’s BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is “PAVTPW22. With PIB being a member, will allow PIB to communicate under highly secured IT environment to conduct and operate international transactions, such as wire transfer and the issuance of “letter of credit”.



The name of the Bank has been changed to “Palau Investment Bank” effective on 1 October. The name change represents a willingness of the bank to be more open to the public while providing better and wider range of services.

FICPCB Joint Press Release


The project for implementing a new core banking system is ongoing now. This system will cover all of banking business procedures such as deposits, loans as well as retaining and protecting customer’s information in a highly secured level. The system enables the Bank to dramatically improve internal administrative efficiency of all procedures and to provide better services to customers.


Bank will start renovations as to both its inside and outside of the premises in order to welcome customers with more comfort and relaxing atmosphere. The renovation plans to finish by the end of year 2017.